About Kim

Kim Bagshaw was brought up by her grandparents from a very early age. She was fortunate to have traveled extensively around the Republic of South Africa from the Kruger Park to Cape Point and had visited places that perhaps were possibly quite unknown to some readers. At the age of 10, with a nametag around her neck and in the care of a hostess, she was on her way by air to Cape Town to meet up with her awaiting grandparents. How thrilled she was to be taken up to the cockpit to stand next to the pilot and watch him navigate the huge aircraft and explain some of the points of flying a passenger plane. Quite possibly not many young girls her age had such an exciting experience.

From an early age Kim had been a rather aloof young lady, perhaps a little independent and a person to whom one could easily befriend. As a result, it became fairly obvious that she preferred her own company and interested herself in happenings of the occult, fortune telling and other weird pursuits. Her favorite time of the year was Halloween when she would dress up in a black cloak, wearing a pointed black hat and carrying a straw witch’s broom.

Now as a woman, she runs a Two Way Radio company called "Carla Comms Two Way Radios" which she has been running since March 2018 and 99% of her clients are Security Companies and Ambulance Services. She does radios as a way of contributing to helping Security Companies and Ambulance Services save lives quicker. The money is not the be all and end all of her business, it is more of a way of caring for the citizens of her beautiful country, South Africa.  

She has two beautiful children and does night patrols for her Local Community Watch to protect her small town in Durban. She openly has a passion for the mountains and forests and tries to indulge in these beautiful forms of nature as much as possible.