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Kim Bagshaw

William by Kim Bagshaw (eBook)

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Carla is different from other people. Her entire life, she has felt out of place with society and even her beliefs are different from those around her.

She has been through a difficult separation and is raising two children on her own. In between all of this, she has a fascination for the supernatural and writes short stories, but soon learns that the power of imagination and the mind can slowly transform a dream into reality with enough effort, thought and concentration. Her mind is set on meeting a Vampire and falling in love with one.

Unbeknown to her, he passes her one day in the street and is drawn to this strange woman.

They meet and soon she is opened up to his true identity in a fateful confrontation with his brother, who is also one.

Their fight is now for survival, trust and overcoming the basic instinct of vampires.

The story dwells deeper into the secret life of vampires and how they live amongst mortals. Carla also forces William into a choice that he has to make to protect her from himself. There are twists and turns and surprises as Carla and William are pushed to their limits of emotional and mental endurance.